What is Audible and what are its Membership Benefits in India

Audible is an online audiobook and podcast service from Amazon. It is world's largest provider of audiobooks and spoken word content like books, stories, talk shows. Users can purchase and stream audiobooks. Listen to Bollywood stars, TV celebrities, comedians, famous authors and enjoy audio content like comedy, talk-shows, self-development, spirituality and more.

An audiobook is basically a book in audio format. You can listen to it instead of reading. 

The main advantage of audiobooks is the convenience. Listeners can do other things while listening to audiobooks. It is beneficial especially for those who travel and need something to entertain them or want to utilize their time right by gaining knowledge.

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What are the Benefits of Audible?

  • You get access to over 200,000 English and Hindi audiobooks.
  • Listen to Audible Original shows for free. Download as many as you want.
  • You get 1 credit every month to get any audiobook for free.
  • After using monthly credits, members can buy additional audiobooks at discounted price.
  • You can keep your audiobooks even if you cancel the membership.
  • Easily cancel your membership at any time.
  • You can also exchange an audiobook and choose another for free!
  • Listen anywhere, anytime on any device without losing progress. Good for your daily commute, road trip or just before bed.
  • Download your audiobooks to access them offline on your app so you can listen without internet.
  • Increase or decrease speed from 0.5x to 3x to listen at your own pace.
  • Sleep Timer function to stop playing automatically when you sleep.

    Is Audible free with Amazon Prime in India?

    No. But Prime members get a 90-day free Audible trial! Check it out

    How to get Audible for free?

    You can take a 30-day free trial. Click here to start.

    Try Audible today and cancel anytime.

    What are Audible membership plans in India?

    • 1 Month Recurring - ₹ 199 - Payment methods : domestic credit cards, and ICICI, Citibank, and Kotak debit cards
    • 1 Month Prepaid - ₹ 299 - Payment methods : domestic credit cards, domestic debit cards and Netbanking
    • 6 Months Prepaid - ₹ 1345 - Payment methods : domestic credit cards, domestic debit cards and Netbanking
    • 12 Months Prepaid - ₹ 2332 - Payment methods : domestic credit cards, domestic debit cards and Netbanking

    Click here to begin a FREE Trial membership.

    You can cancel membership at anytime.

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